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Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff is one of the nation’s most captivating “overcoming the odds” success stories. His determination, unshakable resiliancy and creativity have fueled his achievement as an entrepreneuer, author, and advocate for all people with differences.

Matt’s humor and inspirational anecdotes from his life experience resonate deeply with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Most importantly, he offers action-oriented advice that individuals can use to make positive changes in their lives at work, at home and in their communities. Matt is ready to inspire and motivate your audience.

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Amy Roloff

Being a Reality TV Star has its rewards but at the same time it’s a tough job managing a home, relationship, kids, a career, and now a charity foundation. In her travels Amy has been told by so many people that she is their hero. From cancer survivors to parents of special needs children, veterans to the disabled Amy has been blessed by all the stories strangers share with her and how she has inspired them.

Amy never set out to be a hero but just an average person doing sometimes extraordinary things.

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