Little People Big World

The original vision for TLC’s Little People Big World was to promote diversity and inspire individuals with disabilities to face life’s challenges with courage – all through the story of the Roloff family. They continue to strive toward this original vision to date...

After 200 plus episodes and current filming for both the original and now the new LPBW: Wedding Farm specials, the show has become to mean more to its millions of fans worldwide. Little People Big World chronicles the journey of the Roloff family. Aside from sharing the day to day experiences of a family with four children and a business to run, it has been a tale of personal growth, celebrations and tragedies, adventures and the many milestones encountered by this unique and amazing family. As Matt says, "It has been an honor to open our doors and hearts to share our lives with the world knowing that we’ve shown the power of a loving family and the fact that we all are more alike than different."

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