Meet the Family

All of us would like to thank the many people from around the world who have written to us regarding our TV show. We read all of your e-mail, although it’s impossible for us to respond to each one. Please know that your thoughts and stories have touched our hearts. Matt, Amy, Jacob, Zach, Molly, and Jeremy wish you all the best.

Matt Roloff b. 1961 in San Francisco, CA

Matt has and always will be an entrepreneur at heart. His unique imagination stems from his difficult childhood… but that never got him down. After a very successful early career in the software industry, Matt started and continues to run several businesses including his large pumpkin farm in Oregon. Between filming the long running TV series Little People Big World and speaking to groups all over the world... he remains devoted to his family. He and Amy continue to work together raising their children and just launched a new Pumpkin Food Product Business.

Amy Roloff b. eastern Michigan

Amy is embracing being an empty nester and a new journey to explore. While currently still filming the show – TLC ~LPBW – she travels throughout the year on a number of speaking engagements and appearances all over the country to a variety of women's organizations, colleges, non-profits, and schools. Her continued love of cooking led her to venture into another business with Matt creating Pumpkin Products such as salsa, butter and jam in a variety of flavors! She is still working on a few other projects, as well as her charity, the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation, teaching, church, exploring the outdoors and meeting up with friends while still enjoying the farm life.

Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy has always loved adventure and photography and is now following his dream by combining the two into his career. 2014 was a BIG year for him. He graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Southern California in June. A few short months later he married his longtime love Audrey Mirabella Botti in a beautiful wedding at Roloff Farm. They are now residing in Los Angeles where they are busy building their new life together. One day, we think they’ll be back in the NW.

Zach Roloff

Zachary has stayed close to the farm and surrounding area. His love of soccer continues. He is coaching a few competitive youth soccer teams and is playing on an adult soccer league team. He also was a part of the winning award medal LP soccer team that competed in the World Dwarf Games and he has traveled across the country. In the meantime, he is attending community college working on his Associates Degree and building his career. He excitedly announced his engagement to the lovely Tori Patton last year. A wedding awaits... stay tuned for the BIG Day.

Molly Roloff

Molly has grown into a lovely, adventurous, and confident young women over the years. From the top of her class in HS to now a junior attending Whitworth University studying Spanish and Accounting. She is accomplishing a lot and is always on the go with studying, a campus job, internship this summer, time with friends, family, church, and her never ending search to spot the elusive Moose in Washington.

Jacob Roloff

Jacob may still be the youngest but he is not so young anymore. He just celebrated his 18th birthday in January. Got his HS completion certificate early & spends a lot of his time away from home with his dog Luna & his new truck. He loves figuring things out and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.