Meet the Family

All of us would like to thank the many people from around the world who have written to us regarding our TV show. We read all of your e-mail, although it’s impossible for us to respond to each one. Please know that your thoughts and stories have touched our hearts. Matt, Amy, Jacob, Zach, Molly, and Jeremy wish you all the best.

Matt Roloff b. 1961 in San Francisco, CA

Matt, his wife Amy and their four children live just outside Portland, Oregon. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Matt spent the majority of his career in software development and sales. These days, he divides his time between the pumpkin farm, speaking to various groups across the country, running DAS (a LP accessibility kit business) and filming the TV series Little People Big World and Little People Big World: Wedding Farm.

Amy Roloff b. eastern Michigan

Amy graduated from Central Michigan University and has worked as a personnel manager, administrative assistant and pre-school teacher. Her current focus includes speaking to a wide variety of groups, the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation that is committed to offering "a little help in a Big World." and the publication of her cookbook: "Short & Simple: Family Recipies"

Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy has always loved adventure and the outdoors! From the wee age of four, he wanted to be out on the farm building, creating, playing and exploring. After graduating from high school in 2009 and spending some time at our local community college, Jeremy headed to Southern California to attend Brooks Institute of Photography.

Zach Roloff

Unlike his twin brother, Zach’s personality tends to be more quiet and calm. However, he too has an adventurous spirit. The "soccer bug" bit Zach when he was eight and he has been playing ever since. He enjoys his job coaching children, and is a proud member of a medal winning LP soccer team that plays across the country. He continues to attend community college part-time

Molly Roloff

Molly has a sweet smile and a warm heart for everyone. She is smart and witty and cherishes her family and friends. She gratuated at the top of her class in 2012 and headed North to attend Whitworth University.

Jacob Roloff

The youngest of the Roloff family is not so young anymore! Jacob is always on the GO! He loves everything outdoors, but can often be found upstairs navigating through a new video game for hours at a time! Jacob and his older siblings have always shared a close bond and watching them move out and go off to college has been rougher for him than he thought. His smile gets much wider when he knows they are coming home for a visit.